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Season 6/Episode 2 – Meeting

  Present Day Sacramento, CA  I hate the suburbs, Max says as her and Stanley drive slowly through one of the many identical neighborhoods in Sacramento.  Reminds me of all the Polo shirt and khaki cargo shorts wearing assholes who use to flock to Wilmington


#infection Season 6; Episode 2

*STATIC* ((The glow of a large orange sun stretches across the bustling and heavily populated city of Guanajuato, Mexico. Casting long shadows, the setting sun paints the historic landscape in gold as festival lights begin to shine in the growing darkness. The lights carry on


Pop Art

Arthur Roth When Scout gave me this target, I had a feeling it was going to be different. Salinger steps out of the parking lot and spies the silhouette of his target, sitting on a bench facing the water.  He speaks into his comm. “Got


S6/RP2: On The RunII – Cabin Fever and Safe Houses

  “I’ve gotta get out of here” states Aiden as he paces the hotel room floor “It’s driving me nuts being cooped up in here” The hotel room is nice but not the most elaborate. Nor is it a roach motel. “I think it’s best

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Viva La Muerte

*STATIC* Jack Mulligan and his best friend, Michael, were laying atop a scraggly dark hill somewhere in the Mexican wilderness. Neither had any real idea where they were exactly, but the locals had led them here after giving them the goat. The goat was at


Crime Scenes

It’s a bright Spring morning in Slaughters.  After what seemed like a long (albeit mild) winter, it almost feels like summer, but everyone knows that summer is when the city gets hot.  After last night, it looks like summer is coming early.  The scene centers


Holier Than Thou – S6/Ep 1.1

  Welcome To Your Life There’s No Turning Back…..   “This….This right here…Right here and right now..THIS…y’all…..this is the turnin’ point. This is when we……all of us….THIS…IS WHEN…WE STOP BEIN’ POLITE AND START TAKIN’ BACK OUR COUNTRY! AND AFTER WE TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY, THEN



  “What do you think of this one dear?” :The couple observes the RV before them. The wife examines this exterior for any damage. The salesman stands behind them trying not to look anxious.: “It’s nice. I think I’d like to see the interior.” “Sure


Season 6/Episode 1 – A Helping Hand

California. Where starry eyed dreamers come to have their souls squashed like cockroaches.  Where everyone and everything is for sale, and there’s more plastic on the streets beneath tank tops than on the shelves of stores. Beneath the facade of stardom and fortune, cocaine and


To the Ends of the Earths

Under a foreign sky, two suns burned a hazy yellow across the barren remains of an empty sea. Harsh gusts of fine sand and ancient salt battered an unforgiving landscape resting at the edge of an undiscovered galaxy. The dying planet, spinning closer and closer


Allow me to reintroduce myself

The rain falls softly from the grey skies. John Lee sits seemingly staring into the distance through his dark sunglasses. He has a home rolled cigarette blazing in his lips. His long hair stick to his face and shirt as the rain soaks through. He


S6:RP1 “On The Run”

Just a week or so after Friday Night Fights.. He sits alone in his apartment, his dog Roxie cuddled on the sofa next to him.  He gives her a pat as he takes a sip from a beer. “Here without you” by 3 doors down


New Plan

“We need to talk…” Flashback to Officer Tyson Sands’ condo just a few nights before Friday Night Fright.  The Empire Champion is only a few nights away from defending his title in match that will ultimately end up feeling like Sands versus the world, but