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S5:RP1 “On The Run”

Just a week or so after Friday Night Fights.. He sits alone in his apartment, his dog Roxie cuddled on the sofa next to him.  He gives her a pat as he takes a sip from a beer. “Here without you” by 3 doors down


New Plan

“We need to talk…” Flashback to Officer Tyson Sands’ condo just a few nights before Friday Night Fright.  The Empire Champion is only a few nights away from defending his title in match that will ultimately end up feeling like Sands versus the world, but


#infection Season 6; Episode 1

*STATIC* ((A warm bright sun stretches along a white sandy beach. Cool clear blue waves lap against the shore as palm trees sway in the breeze. The postcard perfect landscape of Cancun, Mexico appears calm and serene until the scene quickly cuts to a throng

Jack Mulligan

BITE THE DUST – Intro RP – Jack Mulligan

* STATIC* The glow of the TV cast the room into a blue aura, flashing and undulating with the action on the screen. Jack Mulligan sat on the couch, his feet up on the coffee table. In his right hand was his smart phone, and


Marco meets The Raven — Intro RP

The american desert stretches in every direction. Mountains loom in the distance. Heat bends the air, wrinkles it up like bacon. Rolling down a lonely, dusty road is a black limo. The fenders are coated in sand. It is rolling towards a mass of scrap

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Losing a Love – Intro RP – Maxine “Max” Malveaux

Carolina Beach, NC April 18, 1996 The ocean was my first love.   3 AM. Two teenage girls lean across the railing of the Carolina Beach pier, their hair fluttering in the salty breeze.  Quietly they take turns sipping from a bottle of Jack Daniels


Carving A Giant

Bondless and without form, the void of space stretches beyond the mad aeons of creation. Where gods were born and creatures of unimaginable horror are locked away, waiting for their release, the void carries with it a darkness beyond the absence of light. For in


Jesus/Judas/Justice – S5/Ep.6.1

“This ain’t what our orders are. This ain’t on the agenda.” “What evs.” Red says, dismissing Mary Beth’s concerns with her nose in the air and a snotty flick of her wrists. “It’s on my agenda.” The pair come to a huge white door that


Road Trippin II

The explosion was as blinding as it was deafening. Neither Lee or Mike saw it coming. When the car they were chasing was a mere ten miles from the destitnation, they had tripped the EMP placed in the car. Instead the car burst into a


The Other

A Few Weeks Ago Somewhere in Ireland   Joseph Grey’s eyes snap open to an unfamiliar setting.  Straight above him, plain lengths of wood form the roof.  The same goes for the walls, leading him to assume he is in a log cabin of sorts.


Accidents happen

It’s the same as any other day. I wake up and have a beer. Make a list of the errands I have to run for the day and then leave to go train. Mikes van pulls out of his driveway. Brandy waves goodbye from the